Design, Direction, Project Management


Apparel Designer and Developer, Design, Cut and Sew, Manufacture, Domestic and Import Products

Screen Print, Large, Med, Small format

Natural & Performance Fabrics, Vinyl, Specialty


Engineering & Separations, Index, Spot, Hybrid, Dye Sublimation,

Direct to Garment (DTG)


Embroidery, Digitizing, Prototype, Production


Art, Web, Publishing, Design, Rapid Prototype,

Digital, Illustration, Photography, Music, Video, Animation,

RSS Feeds, e-Commerce, e-Publications,

Custom CRM,



UI Design: Phone, Tablet, Desktop

CRM, e-Commerce


Offset, PrePress, Team Project Management & Direction


Exhibit and Display including Mobile, Plan, Design, Build, Crate, Deliver and Storage for

Trade Show, Museum and Retail Assets


Signage, Hand Painted and Digital,

Large & Grand Format, Monument to Micro Display,

Static, Animated, Traditional Lighting or LED


Publishing, Books, Brochures, Magazines (digital and printed), Catalogs, Business Collateral


Electronic, Micro Processors, LE BlueTooth
Printed Circuits